Coping with Stress/Anxiety

Taking Control of Your Financial Health

Feb 29, 2016 by MassMen

The pressure of providing for loved ones when you are struggling to make ends meet each month can foster stress, anxiety, and even depression. Men feel particular pressure to take care of their family and their well being, and are also more likely to keep these feelings bottled up. If you are facing credit problems or are delayed or defaulting on loan payments you may be forced to make difficult decisions and compromises that may temporarily impact your family’s welfare and security.

Financial stress can make you feel out of control, but there are a number of great financial resources available that are designed specifically to help meet the needs of Massachusetts residents. These resources are all available online for free:

The Booklet Guide to Consumer Credit
Unforeseen circumstances, poor choices by debtors and unfair practices by some creditors can cause financial difficulties and emotional stress. There are many laws protecting consumers in the area of credit, including those that govern truth in lending, billing rights, fair credit reporting, and debt collection. The information in this booklet addresses these credit concerns, as well as what is often referred to as the “hidden price of plastic.”
View this Resource “Dealing with Credit Problems”
This is a resource from the attorney general’s office that provides advice for those who are dealing with credit problems and offers points to consider before contacting creditors to negotiate a reasonable payment plan.
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MassSaves: Building Wealth on Knowledge
The goal of MassSaves it to improve the quality of financial education across the state. This site offers an array of resources specifically for Massachusetts consumers. One example is the booklet, “Staying Afloat: Managing Your Finances in a Changing Economy”, which offers nine ways to save your money, reduce your expenses, and protect your future.
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Although stress and anxiety can make you feel stuck, it’s important to challenge these thoughts by taking action. The first step may be reaching out to a local resource to find more information. strives to provide helpful information that empowers men to take action to feel happier and healthier.