Emotional Strength

I’ve Suffered in Silence

Dec 08, 2019 by Stephen F. Mitchell

I’ve suffered in silence

I’ve watched children die

I’ve watched their parents as they break down and cry

I suffer in silence with the sights that I’ve seen

I’ve relived the pain of an infant that’s gone

I suffer in silence as I think of my own

I’ve seen teenagers die when they think that they can’t

And I’ve watched their poor parents as they break down and cry

I’ve knocked on their doors around 2:00AM

To pass on the news that their child is gone

I show no emotions to help them get through

I suffer in silence, because that’s what we do

I’ve seen the car crashes and the remnants they leave

And I watch more parents again as they grieve

A long time has gone by but their faces I see

I suffer in silence with what I have seen

I’m broken now from the things that I’ve seen

The sobbing won’t stop, the tears keep on coming

I wish I could die to end all my suffering

Then I think of my loved ones I’d be leaving behind

Their bright smiling faces would certainly change

I would give them my suffering, they would have so much pain

Now I’ve made up my mind, it’s time to get through

So I’m getting the help that’s been long overdue

Still I have struggles there’s much more work to do

Some time has gone by now and at times I still cry

But when I look at my clouds, I see some light shining through

There’s hope for me now, I’ll fight to get through

I’ve suffered in silence, I’ll do that no more

One day at time that’s all I can do

If you’re reading this now please go hug your brother and sister in Blue