About MassMen

The MassMen Project is a suicide prevention program, brought to you by Riverside Trauma Center, a service of Riverside Community Care, designed to promote wellness and empower working-age men across Massachusetts to take action to feel better emotionally, physically, and spiritually. We also support and provide information for loved ones looking to help the man in their life. We are funded by the Department of Public Health Suicide Prevention Program.

Finding Ways to Help

Our Mission

A goal of The MassMen Project is to assist workplace leaders in the development and implementation of peer support programs in industries at higher risk, including public safety (Police, Fire, EMS), construction, fishing, and others, by delivering training and consultation services.

100% of attendees at a training held in January 2021 reported they’d recommend it to others interested in becoming a peer supporter

Testimonial: “Thank you so much for providing these two days of invaluable training. Not only is the information we learned relevant to our positions, but these strategies are, simply put, really good reminders about what it means to be human. These procedures and practices can also help us manage our own mental health needs so that we, in turn, can provide stronger support to our members.”

MassMen.org is always looking for new contributors to bring fresh perspective and insight to our audience. We are looking for people to contribute 300-600 word blog posts about what you may be doing to foster resiliency in your own workplace, examples of strategies you use for personal wellness or for overcoming life challenges, and others about what helps keep you, your relationships, and your family balanced, steady, and well.

Want to contribute? Please email us at massmen@riversidecc.org.

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